Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Judge for Hunter Schooling Show Saturday July 8

We are having a Hunter Schooling Show Saturday July 8. We had a change of judge to Sherri Lucas. This show is a lot of fun We will be using our larger upper ring for most of the classes that are not beginner classes. It is a good show for young horses and new riders. We also have have Hunter jumping up to 2'6"
  You can view the program and entry form online. Pre-entries due by Thursday night at 8 pm. You can call 724-668-2591 or email subject line July 8 entries.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2017 Gusty Wind Hunter Schooling Show Prize List

Dates:  July and August  19  Judge: A. Crelli                                                                                          
Pre-entry by phone (724) 668-2591, mail, or email ( by 9 pm two days before the show. 
Pre-entry fees 3 class division $24; 4 class division $32 or $10/class Post-entry fees; 3 class division $30; 4 class division $40; or $12/class Stabling is limited: $30/day, day starts at 7 AM; proof of a strangles  vaccine given within one year is required for stabling. Current year’s Negative Coggin’s test is required for all horses brought onto the show grounds Schooling in small top ring until 8:45 AM; in large top ring until 11:15 AM. $5 schooling fee for each horse and rider combination. All participants must register with the management before the rider mounts and be wearing their number. 
ASTM approved helmets & riding boots are required to be worn and fastened whenever any rider is mounted. Schooling Helmets, half chaps & paddock boots are permitted; dress is casual. No visiting dogs permitted. 
Awards: 5 ribbons/class; Champion and Reserve Ribbons awarded for each division that has 3 or more entries/class in each class in each show.  Points: 1st=5; 2nd =3; 3rd=2; 4th=1.  
Small Top Ring: 9:00 AM 

1.  Costume Class 
Done at a walk riding helmets and boots required. 
2.  Lead line 

3.  Lead Line Trail 

4. Walk Trot Pleasure 
5. Walk Trot Equitation 
6. Walt Trot Individual Canter 
7  Walking Trail 
Beginning Rider Division: classes 4,5,6,7 Open to all riders. 
8.   Family & Friends WT 
May have 2 or more members in each group. Judged as a group. 
9.  Trotting Trail 
10. Walk Trot 
11. Walk Trot Individual Canter 
12.  Walk Trot Hunter Hack 12” 
Beginning Horse Division: classes 9,10,11,12 Open to all riders.  Class 12: WT Hunter Hack: riders walk and trot in a group and then jump two 12” cross bars individually at a trot or controlled canter. 

13.   Introductory Hunter 18” Cross Bars 
14.   Introductory Hunter 18” Cross Bars 
15.   Handy Hunter 
16.   Hunter u/s WTC 
Introductory Hunter: classes 13,14,15,16  Class 15 Handy Hunter 18 inch trail  like course, pattern to be announced.  Class 16 is an under saddle class that includes group canters. 
Large Top Ring Starts not before 11:30 
17. Real Jumps – 18 some hunter fences  

18English Pleasure 
19. Road Hack 
20. Bridle Path Pleasure 

English Pleasure Division: 18,19,20 
Road Hack may include extended trot, Bridle Path Pleasure may include a hand gallop.  

21.  Hopeful Hunter o/f  2’                                       22.  Hopeful Hunter o/f  2’                                       23.  Hopeful Hunter u/s 
.Hopeful Hunter Division: classes 21,22,23. Includes typical hunter fences in classes 21 & 22 maximum of 2 feet. 
24.  Special Hunter 2’3”                                           25.  Special Hunter 2’3”                           
26.  Special Hunter u/s 
Special Hunter Division: classes 24,25, 26. Includes typical hunter fences in classes 24 & 25 maximum of 2’3”. 
27.  Hunter  Division  o/f 2’6”                                  28.  Hunter o/f  2’6                                                        29.  Hunter u/s 
Hunter Division: classes 27,28,29. Includes typical hunter fences in classes 27 & 28 maximum of 2’6”. 
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